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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry – The Hendon Smile

Emergency Dentistry - The Hendon Smile

Emergency Dentistry – The Hendon Smile


If you are in need of emergency dental care in London, our dentists at The Hendon Smile are ready to assist you to relieve the pain and start the treatment. Contact our office now and come by for a high quality and affordable treatment.

Many patients find they need an urgent dental appointment at one time or another. Here at The Hendon Smile, we do all we can to ensure that any problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently. This applies regardless of whether you are an established private patient or a new patient.

If you develop a dental problem, including but not limited to dental pain, swelling, lost or broken denture, crowns, emergency cosmetic repair problems such as a broken or chipped tooth, etc. and you need to be seen urgently, for a great London dental experience call us and ask for an emergency dental appointment as soon as possible.

What types of Emergency Dental Treatment are there in our Hendon dental office?

  • Emergency Root canal treatments
  • Emergency Denture repairs
  • Emergency Quality Same Day Dentures
  • Emergency Restorative Services
  • Fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, implants
  • Braces repair and removal
  • Emergency Dental infections management
  • Emergency Pain Management services
  • Emergency Extractions, oral surgery

Dental emergencies can be stressful.  It’s good to know that our office is especially considerate of people calling in with pain or a cosmetic emergency.  Many people feel stressed because they have put off treatment for as long as they could, and now they can’t any longer. We understand. Our priority is to relieve your pain and return you to comfort.

Your Symptoms & What They Could Mean

Cold sensitivity generally means that something is irritating the nerve of the tooth.  Often that means a cavity, but it could also mean that your teeth are exposed to acids.  Most beverages, other than water, are acidic. Juices, bottled tea, and sodas are particularly sensitizing to teeth.  Initially, the teeth become sweet or cold sensitive. Later, cavities are likely to form. Cold or sweet sensitivity is mostly reversible by treating the tooth decay and eliminating the sources of sugar and acid.

Hot and cold sensitivity may mean that the dental nerve isn’t healthy and that a root canal procedure is required. Please don’t be anxious about that phrase.  A root canal is a very comfortable procedure most of the time. If you are nervous about this, please tell our doctors. They will answer your questions and reassure you.

Hot sensitivity, throbbing, a sensation that goes back to the ear, lasting pain that starts on its own are root canal symptoms, that need treatment as soon as possible.

Facial swelling is an urgent problem, and you should have antibiotics right away.  If our office is not available immediately, for any reason, it’s best to contact your physician, or an urgent care center.  While a dental procedure may be needed, at least the antibiotics will control any infection.

*If your emergency is a broken front tooth, bring the fragment or tooth with you to your appointment.

Dental emergencies can be painful, stressful, and frightening; take a deep breath and know our team will help you every step of the way.  If you’re having a dental emergency or if you have any questions about dental emergencies, please give us a call and we will give you guidelines for your situation. Our team will help you get the treatment you need as soon as possible.

Emergency Dentistry – The Hendon Smile

Emergency Dentistry – The Hendon Smile

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