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Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene – The Hendon Smile

Your dental hygienist clean will be done with ultrasonic cleaners and air polishers to get your teeth looking their very best. Your treatment will not only leave your teeth clean but your gums clean and healthy too.

They will remove all tea, coffee, food and tobacco stains from your teeth in just a few minutes leaving your teeth clean and shiny. You’ll get a dazzling smile, also fight tooth decay, gum disease and improve your general health.

Recent research shows clean gums and teeth not only fight problems in your mouth, fighting bleeding gums will also stop bacteria getting into your bloodstream and causing problems in the rest of your body.

Dental hygienist clean costs only £60 per session at our Westfield London (Shepherds Bush) treatment centre. For most people, one session will be enough, however, if there is a lot of deposits on your teeth, further sessions may be needed to remove all. The Hendon Smile London Hygienists will advise you if you need further treatments.

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