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Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings – The Hendon Smile

Dental Fillings - The Hendon Smile

Dental Fillings – The Hendon Smile


The Hendon Smile dentists are highly regarded dental fillings specialists in London who work with patients to restore chipped or damaged teeth. If you are looking to improve your smile with fillings, please call our office today and book your appointment with the best dental service provider in London.

Porcelain and composite fillings are a more natural-looking alternative to conventional silver-coloured fillings. These materials, however, do not possess the strength and durability of dental amalgam and require regular replacement. There are alternatives available in this case.

Composite fillings are mixture of resin and fine particles that emulate natural teeth color. They provide an aesthetic restoration and can be bonded to the teeth for increased adhesion.

Ionomers are tooth-coloured and fabricated from numerous types of material. These include ground glass and acrylic resins. Ionomers are used for fillings near the gum line or tooth root to reduce influence from bite pressure. They also produce small amounts of fluoride to clean and strengthen the enamel in the affected area.

Porcelain fillings are produced from a combination of ceramic and glass powder materials. They are used for restorations such as crowns, veneers, inlays, and outlays. They are more durable than ionomers but can be damaged from extensive teeth grinding or bite activity.

White Fillings

Filling teeth can be undesirable due to the colour difference it might have, at The Hendon Smile, our dentists deploy their knowledge and as well as high-quality material to complete the treatment in an artistic way

White fillings are becoming more and more popular for health (containing no mercury) as well as cosmetic reasons. White filling or dental composite as the name indicates, typically consists of a resin-based matrix and inorganic filler such silica, glasses and glass-ceramics.

Composites can be made in a wide range of tooth colours allowing nearly invisible restoration of teeth. The main advantage of a dental composite over traditional materials such as amalgam (silver fillings) is improved aesthetics and Micromechanical bond to the tooth surface which allows good adhesion of the composite filling to the tooth. This means that unlike silver filling there is no need for the dentist to create retentive features, destroying healthy tooth.

White fillings can be used to restore decayed, chipped or broken portions of teeth almost invisibly, cover unsightly marks, and enhance the shape of front teeth as well as reducing or closing the gaps between the teeth. One of the fastest and easiest ways to get a brand new smile is to opt for white fillings.

White fillings are suitable for use in front and most back teeth, eliminating unsightly areas of decay or discolouration which in turn will enhance your confidence to smile.

The life expectancy of a white filling can depend greatly on where it is in your mouth and how heavily your teeth come together when you bite as well as your diet and oral hygiene habits.

Dental Fillings – The Hendon Smile

Dental Fillings – The Hendon Smile

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